episode no. 143 :: first broadcast on 13 april 2011

Celebrating the Life and Work of a Vegan Hero
Memorial Tribute to Shirley Wilkes-Johnson 
After the sudden and unexpected death of our beloved colleague, Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, tonight's episode (which was originally going to be hosted by Shirley) will now be a memorial tribute in her honor. The remaining radio collective members, Anuj, Avon, Jerrilyn and Pamela, as well as our sound engineer Vegan X, will share stories of Shirley and celebrate her life and very accomplished body of work. Long time friend and fellow vegan radio host, Bob Linden will join us on the phone from California, and we'll listen to reflections about Shirley from Dr. Will Tuttle, Ingrid Newkirk, Rynn Berry and KPFT General Manager, Duane Bradley. Also commenting, will be many of Shirley's friends and fans including Staci Davis, Nateisha Lee, Kristen Lee Ohanyan and more. Edited works for tonight's show were prepared by Avon.

Hosted by the Vegan World Radio Collective with phone-guest Bob Linden

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"There will be a big celebration the day the last slaughterhouse closes down. I will see you there!"
Shirley Wilkes-Johnson (1937-2011)

Online tributes to Shirley:                                                                                                                                                                  

(As a sign of respect for the solemnity of tonight's memorial tribute, no regular events will be listed. 
Please visit  The Vegan Society of PEACE Events Calendar  for many local happenings in Houston.)

April 16 SATURDAY (1 pm) 
Memorial Service /Celebration of Life 
We gather with friends and family to honor the legacy and memory of Shirley Wilkes-Johnson, beloved fellow host of Vegan World Radio. Memorial Service/ Celebration of Life will begin at 1 pm this Saturday, April 16th at the Niday-Fairmont Funeral Home, 6777 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77505. In lieu of any flowers, it was Shirley's wish that any donations be made to charities of vegan and animal causes

April 16 SATURDAY (6 - 8 pm) 
Informal Gathering and Supper, Remembering Shirley  
For those who may wish to congregate for an informal supper Saturday night to honor Shirley, please come to Loving Hut Restaurant, 2825 S. Kirkwood Rd for a casual evening meal and shared experience to remember our friend. Loosely set from 6-8 pm, some folks may arrive earlier or later, coming from the afternoon memorial service in Pasadena and other functions in her honor. Shirley greatly cherished Loving Hut restaurant, and was instrumental in bringing it to Houston.

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